Celebrity Pets Saloon in Pandan indah, suck!

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Celebrity Pets Saloon in Pandan indah, suck!

Post by Living*Doll on Tue 23 Jun 2009, 3:05 am

Don't ever go this Pets Shop

Arrow << Celebrity Pets Saloon >>

I need to said she is not Professional Groomer at all and i have a bad experiences at there .

That time i fetch my pet to go there for Dog Grooming.

The groomer usually bathes and dries the dog, cleans the ears, trims the nails, and clips the hair into a particular style.


She just make it worst, my puppy is scream like crying and wanna ran off.

This is the first time i saw my puppy in hell pain and scream.

It's all because of She was so ruthless when she use the dog comb to brush my puppy hair.

And she even not cleans the ear completely.

After that my puppy was look so ugly after she done cut my puppy hair..

From the start until end, the groomer (she is the boss owner that shop also) her face is like shit, she don't even give a nice smile when customer come in the shop.

And when my puppy pain until cry.i just go to the window for a look, She so crazy to shout at me and ask me to go ,cannot see..

walao, what the hell of this woman,

Im so regret to go there.

Her shop have put alot her newspaper that interview her,title is kindhearted woman who have six dog.

Bullshit,she faking it,still try to be a so called good person.confused

I really felt sick of this woman, its realy disgusted by attitude to serve customer and pets. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
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